We are constantly striving to reach and help more students. We believe that tutoring is best done in the privacy of your own home, where your student can receive individual attention in an environment in which they feel safe and secure. Educational research overwhelmingly points toward the importance of one-on-one tutoring to student instruction. We aim to bring students up to grade level and beyond, as our tutors, all pre-screened and highly-qualified, provide individual assistance in any academic subject.

Tutoring received in the privacy of your home means your student receives individual attention in a safe and secure environment without the distractions of a crowded classroom or tutoring center. The advantages of learning at home versus traveling to a learning center are dramatic when you compare the convenience, affordability and impressive results gained through in-home tutoring.

Teacher Tutors was founded in 2010 by an experienced public school teacher with over 17 years of educational experience. Our founder decided to leave the classroom to focus solely on enriching the educational lives of individual students via private one to one tutoring, enrichment and test preparation tutoring. Based in Livingston, New Jersey, our team of educators are located throughout the state. Our mission is to help students to excel and conquer academic challenges while simultaneously giving back and performing charity and volunteer work to those in need.

Director's Bio

Teacher Tutors, LLC, founded in 2010, is a private tutoring company that is the culmination of business, teaching and personal experience. Debra began her career as a real estate agent while completing her undergraduate degree and more than selling houses, her experience as a realtor taught her how to listen to the needs of families. This vital skill eventually helped her develop Teacher Tutors, where she listened intently to clients’ needs for their children’s supplemental education. In addition, helping families acclimate to their community was just as important to her and fostered her idea of Teacher Tutors as a community-based company.

Throughout her work as a realtor, she worked towards her long-term goal of becoming an educator by pursuing part-time and substitute teaching positions while completing her degree. Debra went on to earn a master’s degree in childhood education with a minor in special education from NYU. She taught in the NYC public schools for a few years before she transitioned to teaching in the suburbs. She was exposed to urban and suburban settings with and without resources and curriculum, which in turn taught her to be extremely resourceful. She utilized curriculum in multiple schools, created lesson plans for multiple grade levels, worked with educators and learned from experts in her field, all contributing towards her training which has culminated in selecting top educators to tutor students in need of supplemental education.

Debra’s goal has been to provide outstanding supplemental education and resources to her community and nearby communities while playing a role in closing the achievement gap. Teacher Tutors provides free tutoring services to local women’s shelters. In addition, Debra is a member of the Rotary Club of Livingston. As such, she donates her time, money and resources to local and global organizations in need.

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