Teacher Tutors in- home tutoring partners with K–12 schools and districts to expand academic support, relieve the burden on teachers, and accelerate student learning. We offer affordable full service tutoring solutions for schools, districts, counties, and private programs which include: access to academic support for K-12, College, and Graduate Students. We go above and beyond to help our families.

Teacher Tutors addresses key target areas for various schools to provide supplemental after-school learning and support for at-risk and underserved students. Teacher Tutors provides Master Educators for one-to-one academic support for K-12 students via on demand customized instructional strategies. Additionally, we work with a wide variety of families across our community, many with IEP and 504 plans.

We understand the paradigm of working with students suffering from learning loss and believe that the only way to see valuable improvement is through student-centered and quality academic services – not depersonalized “cookie-cutter” approaches. An educational instructor works with your program administrator to create a personalized program and match each student with a Master Educator that can best enable their academic goals. Whether you’re interested in using Teacher Tutors in- home as a supplement to your current tutoring resources or want us to handle all your students’ tutoring needs, we have customized solutions that fit any integration needs.

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