Dena S.
Innovation English & Math Teacher
Paterson, NJ
Online, In-Person
 Counties Served: Bergen, Passaic, Essex
 Current Position: Innovation and Accreditation Data Analyst and Math Adjunct
 Grade Levels Taught: Elementary School, Middle School, High School, College
 Degree(s): William Paterson University B.A. & M.A.Ed
 Education: William Paterson University B.A. & M.A.Ed
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Dena, a master tutor, has multiple degrees from William Paterson. She holds a dual Bachelor's Degree in English Writing and Secondary Education and she has earned two Master's Degrees in Curriculum and Learning, M.Ed in Curriculum & Learning for Teaching Literacy and a M.Ed in Curriculum & Learning for Teaching Children Mathematics. Dena is a Mathematics Adjunct and Data Analyst who has been using her talents and education to instruct, encourage, and motivate students, parents, guardians, teacher candidates and employed teachers to build strong math foundations in themselves and/or those they teach. Along with her degrees, she has completed Learning Technologies coursework that is instrumental in designing custom databases to collect, analyze and interpret data that can be used to identify math deficiencies, inform strategies required to close learning gaps, and develop germane programs such as boot camps and workshops to increase student learning outcomes. With over 10 years of experience and research, Dena has inculcated a strong desire to assist developmental math students in learning and retaining mathematical concepts that would prepare them for subsequent stages of their education and careers. Dena enjoys taking long rides and walks, and a good classic novel or movie.

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Our Process - Our Tutors

Our Process - Our Tutors

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Identify Needs

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Notable Progress/Session Feedback

Notable Progress/Session Feedback

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